Jeremiah's Wish

Share with your Church

In addition to sharing with your friends and family through social media, email, and text, the next way you can help is by sharing Jeremiah's Wish with your local church.

  1. Show the Video - First, share the Jeremiah's Wish video with your church leaders. Then ask them to show the video to the rest of the church. It can be shown at the end of a service, during a Bible study or Sunday school, and also sent out to the church via email. Here is the Youtube video link to share If your church leaders have any questions about Jeremiah's Wish or Abolish Abortion Texas, they can email us at
  2. Sign the Petition - Whenever your church shows the video, immediately after the video finishes, the leader should ask people to take 30 seconds to pull out their smartphones and go to and sign the petition.

    When the video is going to be shown, we suggest setting up a table and stationing volunteers at the doors with clipboards to ask people who did not sign the petition on their smartphones to sign a printed copy (you can download the PDF file here and print as many copies as needed).

    The volunteers should ask, "Have you signed the petition yet?" If the answer is yes, say "Thank you!" If the answer is no, say "Can I get your email real fast to join Jeremiah's Wish to end abortion?" If the answer to that is no, say "Thanks anyways!" If the answer is yes, ask them for their email address, then their first name, then last name, then zip code. You will be writing all this down for them. Be sure to write legibly. Once you have their information, say "Thank you for joining Jeremiah's Wish!"

    Once you have gathered all your petitions, you can mail them to Abolish Abortion Texas, PO BOX 402, Liberty Hill, TX 78642, or scan and email us a link to download them at

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday - A great time to show the video to your whole church and collect petitions is on January 20, the Sunday before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That Sunday is commonly observed as National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday across the country in remembrance of the children who have been killed by abortion. We are calling on thousands of churches across Texas and beyond to plan on showing the Jeremiah's Wish video on that day.

Join our list of Abolitionist Churches - If your church would like to show support by being added to our list of churches that want to stay informed and engage in the fight to Abolish Abortion in Texas, please contact us.